About eInnsyn, former OEP

Published: 10. Feb 2016, Last modified: 10. Nov 2016

Electronic Public Records (OEP) is a collaborative tool which central government agencies use to publicise their public records online. Public record data is stored in a searchable database. Users can search this database to locate case documents relevant to their field of interest. Having located relevant case documents, users may submit requests to view these. Requests are sent to the respective agencies responsible for the case documents and public record entries. The agencies themselves then process requests, sent to them via OEP, and reply to users directly.

What is the purpose of OEP?

OEP is part of the Norwegian Government’s work to promote transparency and democracy within the public sector. OEP aims to make the Norwegian public sector more open and accessible to citizens. OEP is based upon the Freedom of Information Act and related regulations.